The 2017 Peeps Place Handicapping Championship



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To register for the contest, email


1) 200 plays required; no more, no less. Weekend warriors who can only play a few days a week won't have any problems making the required number of plays.

2) Live dynamic lines from Betonline. Lines will be up around midnight Eastern time.

3) All plays will be listed pitchers. Plays will be graded no action if there is a pitching change

4) Las Vegas rules apply on suspended games and any other situations that aren't covered here.

5) 100% of the pool will be paid out to winners.

6) Contest will end at the All-Star break

7) Final season payoffs will be determined by the number of participants. Multiple entrees are allowed.

8) $100 entry.

9) Multiple entrees are allowed.

10) $100 is the base unit. Risk $100 to win $xxx on dogs, risk $xxx to win $100 on favorites.

11) Playing opposite sides in a game is not allowed. First play made is the one that will be counted.

We will take player transfers from Bookmaker, DSI, 5 Dimes, and Heritage, as well as Bitcoin. Other payments are possible; contact me for specifics, or alternatives if you have any in mind.